Sustainability at Oscar's Farm

By: Hannah Callaghan

On: August 22 2022

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Oscar’s Farm. We know that protecting our environment is so important for future generations, of both humans and dogs. 

For a start, all of our packaging is recyclable and can be placed out with your weekly household recycling collection. Reducing the amount of waste in landfills is a simple step to preserving the environment, and we worked hard to find recyclable packaging that keeps your Oscar’s Farm food fresh and yummy for your pups to enjoy. 

Our outer packaging is cardboard, and while also being recyclable, it can be reused as a way to provide enrichment for your dog, either for shredding or burrowing through to find yummy treats. 

We have partnered with a carbon-neutral delivery service, which means we know that our food will arrive at your door reliably while minimising carbon emissions and keeping our carbon footprint as small as possible. 

Our team are all remote workers and while we have an office, we give our team the option of working remotely as much as they want. No commute = fewer cars on the road. Also, it means our team can spend more time with their dogs at home while also answering your queries and continuing to provide the excellent, personalised service our customers have come to expect from Oscar’s Farm. 

Being an online retailer also minimises the need for retail premises, which means we use less electricity and water as a company as a result. We love seeing our customers in person, however, so we often come to events, such as Pups in the Park and Dogitude, to say hi and dole out some treats to all the good boys and girls there. 

Oscar’s Farm has tried to be as sustainable and environmentally aware as possible since its creation, and with these small steps outlined above, we continue along that eco-friendly path. Our customers and their dogs deserve the best, as does our planet, so we try to keep our focus on these key areas so we can continue enjoying the outdoors with our dogs for generations to come. 

All the while feeding them yummy food, of course!



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