Hot Tips to Handle a Heatwave with your Pup!

By: Hannah Callaghan

On: July 25 2022

Summer has finally hit us here in Ireland and it’s not messing around. 

Here at Oscar’s Farm we’ve been putting our heads together for tips on how to keep your pups cool this summer. 

🐶 Wet towels - Leave them on the floor so your pup can lie on them.  Do not cover them with the towels - they just become another warm layer once the heat from your dog’s body transfers into them and have the opposite effect to cooling.

🐶 Raised beds - if your pup is struggling with their cushy mattress and you’d like to give them another option, raised beds allow air to circulate below them as well, giving them a cooler place to rest.

🐶 Hydration matters - Adding water to your dog’s dry food will increase their water intake without them even realising. Dehydration is a common problem seen in vet clinics during hot weather. Increasing your pet’s water intake will help prevent this from happening.

🐶 Substitute walks for training sessions - Use your usual twenty minute time slot for walks to brush up your dog’s basic obedience. Obedience training is a great way to burn some energy without having to leave the house.

🐶 Listen to your pup - if you’re starting on a walk and your dog is slower than usual or not as excited to be outside, cut your walk short. Even if you are going out extra early or late, remember our dogs in Ireland aren’t used to these temperatures. Even a cooler evening of 17 degrees might be too much for some pups, especially if older, overweight or flat-faced. 

We hope these tips help you keep your dogs safe in this sunny weather. Remember, if you’re ever worried about your pup, ring your local vet clinic for advice!

Stay safe and enjoy the sunshine!

The Oscar’s Farm Team

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