Back to School Boredom Busters!

By: Hannah Callaghan

On: September 16 2022

It’s been a long summer of fun with our furry friends but now that schools are back and a few of us are expected to be back in our offices more often, what can we do to keep our pooches amused on days when we can’t be around as much? 


Note when your pup is most active, do you have an early bird who is ready and raring for a play at sunrise? Or a snuggle under the sheets until the last possible snooze of the alarm kind of pup? Use this to time your walks, get out first thing in the morning with the busier types to burn off excess energy or evening strolls as a pre-bed wind down for your night owls. Stick with this, dogs LOVE routine and thrive on knowing how the day will go when they get up. 

Feeding Toys

A lot of people use Kongs when their dog is a puppy and then revert to normal bowls as they reach adulthood. Bring them back! If your dog spends an extra fifteen minutes eating their meals, that’s 15 minutes of mental and physical stimulation that they wouldn’t be getting from a regular bowl of food. 

Our Oscar's Farm kibble fit really well into almost every feeding toy and easily softens if you add water, so can be frozen if you want to keep your pup occupied that bit longer. 


Snufflemats are pretty cheap from Amazon and are soft felt blankets that you can hide some Oscar's Farm food in and get your pup to sniff it out.

It’s a super engaging activity and one that is nice to do just before bed/wind down time. It is one that needs supervision though, as some dogs will shred the blankets or throw them around to get the food. It’s a nice one to have them do while you catch up with Netflix and relax after a long day!

Trick-training/Obedience Sessions 

If it’s bucketing out of the heavens and the kids are desperately looking for something to do, it’s time to go back to school for your pup! Obedience sessions are super engaging and fun to do indoors. These sessions don’t have to be much longer than fifteen minutes, as your pup may get tired out from all the fun. Obedience and tricks help build a bond between you and your dog, as well as teaching them fun things to show off to your friends and family! 

Kids especially LOVE trick-training and obedience with their dogs, and there’s no better feeling than seeing your pup build a strong bond their smaller family members

Dog Walker 

If you have a super high energy pup and you’re out of the house for long hours, you might consider a dog walker coming into your home to walk them for you to break up their day. A trusted friend or family member might do it for a small fee. It’s a super starter job for responsible teenage neighbours too. They don’t need a two hour hike, just a quick spin around the block will do. 


A lot of these activities involve food. We would recommend using your Oscar’s Farm kibble as a motivator for all of the activities above. If you are using treats for trick-training, subtract these calories from their total allowance for the day so you don’t accidentally end up with a portly pooch!



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