Are dog food subscriptions worth it?

By: Mattie Hanahoe

On: August 17 2023

Let’s talk all things subscriptions! I guess you could compare them to the likes of Vegemite.. You either love them or you hate them! That probably comes down to how positive your previous experience was with a subscription. Lots of people are wary about selling their souls to commitment traps and having to jump through hoops in order to get out of them. If you’ve been the victim of such a subscription trap, we’re sorry! That is not how a subscription should be! I’m here to tell you why you should LOVE subscriptions and how they can offer so many amazing benefits, especially when it comes to your dog’s needs. 

1. Tailored meal plans 

No more contradicting one-size fits all feeding guides at the supermarket or pet shop. At Pawsitive, we’ve created a detailed online quiz that accounts for all of your dog’s details including their age, weight, breed, activity levels, allergies and so much more. Perhaps, we even ask too many questions 😂 but we want to make sure we recommend the best monthly meal plan possible to fuel your pup with energy, help maintain a healthy weight and support their overall health & happiness. Our subscription plan will put an end to confusing calculations and do the hard work for you. We've got you covered Paw-rents! 


2. Customer relationships & ongoing support

Unlike store bought brands, subscription services like Pawsitive have the unique opportunity to connect with customers and join them on their food journey. It is our mission, as part of our subscription service, to provide constant support to our pack members during their transition period and throughout their entire experience with us. Building strong relationships with our customers is really important to us. You can check out our glowing paw-rent reviews on Trustpilot to really get a sense of the long standing relationships we create with our customers. 



3. No more heavy lifting

Let’s face it! Dog Food is heavy and when you already have shopping bags full of groceries to deal with, traipsing awkward bags of dog food home isn’t exactly ideal. With a subscription like Pawsitive, we do the heavy lifting and ensure a timely, monthly delivery straight to your doorstep. Just wait for the doorbell to ring and the zoomies to kick in. Dog food subscriptions are also a great gift if you have elderly parents or grandparents with furbabies who struggle to manage their dog food needs. You can rest easy knowing Pawsitive will have them covered each month. 

4. Never worry about running out

It’s 8.50pm on a Friday night. You realise you’ve run out of dog food. It’s lashing rain outside and the supermarket closes in 10 minutes. All dog owners have been here! The last thing you want to do after a long work week is go back out, but you either bite the bullet and brave the Irish weather to try and make it to the store before closing, or you end up feeding your dog ends from the dinner table but immediately regret it knowing poop bags aren’t going to be much help the next day. With Pawsitive’s perfectly portioned monthly boxes, never worry about running out again. Your pup’s meals will magically appear at your doorstep, like clockwork, every month. It’s like having your own four-legged food fairy. 

5. Easy to manage

Now, this is a very important one and the reason most people are wary about getting involved with subscriptions in the first place. The whole point of a subscription is to offer convenience & flexibility, not make your life a living hell! At Pawsitive, each customer has their own unique account where they have complete control and transparency over their monthly deliveries. Customers can see when their next order is due, what it will include and make use of lots of different management options like rescheduling to whatever date suits best, adding new products, changing recipes, ordering immediately, updating the delivery address and so much more. Customers can also cancel their subscription at any point, easily and seamlessly. Like it should be! Although, we’re pretty sure it won’t lead to that. Our meals are too damn delicious. 

6. Get rewarded

Lot’s of subscription services offer rewards to their loyal customers which you just don’t get from purchasing your dog food in store. You could be buying the same brand of food for years but the company would have no clue and as a result your loyalty doesn’t get the rewards it deserves. At Pawsitive we reward our pack members for telling their friends and family about us. No joke, we offer a 50% discount for every new pack member who signs up using their unique referral codes. Think of the savings you could make in a year by simply spreading the Pawsitivity. We’re also launching a new loyalty programme aimed at rewarding our customers for their dedication to our brand. We want customers to know how much their continued support means to our small business so we’ll be offering free Pawsitive gifts for numerous month milestones. We’re super excited about this so stay tuned!!

7. Delivery day excitement

Pup mail day is always filled with waggy tails, uncontrollable zoomies & excessive drooling. As pawrents, we know the feeling when we’re expecting a little pick me up in the post that may or may not have been ordered compulsively on a gloomy Monday morning. Well it turns out dogs feel the same way about their pup mail! They know all too well when Dpd pull up outside with their Pawsitive package. It’s modern day dog life! 

Lastly, from the perspective of the company, a subscription model provides invaluable insights for the improvements of our products and services. So whether you’ve had a positive or negative experience with us, we’re able to understand the reasons behind why customers leave us and also the positive reasons behind why our customers stay. This means we can continuously adapt and grow to ensure we are meeting the needs of every single member of our pack. 

So my question is… have you joined the vegemite train yet? Are you a lover or a hater? Hopefully I’ve done enough to not just convince you, but get you hooked on the idea of a dog food subscription. I firmly believe you won’t look back!



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